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2013-08-18 13:03
So, are you a car enthusiast?
There are people who just love their cars or their bikes.

They put up How Tos, Videos and in different boards all around the world you find posts about people and their cars.

Many of them are building sophisticated projects and some others just find serious help about any problem they have with their car.

I am a car enthusiast myself. Maybe this is some strange "man" thing, but actually, I love my car(s). I love to customize them and also to drive them, meet up with friends and talk about our cars.

There are big car meetings and at least "The Fast and the Furious" Movie showed very impressivly how big the car enthusiast community actually ist.

There are many tools used by car enthusiasts nowdays. Boards, Facebook, youtube, some of them driving their own website and so on. Mostly used I think are currently Boards. But Boards have distinct functionality. People use Image Hosters for their uploads which means, after some months those images are gone forever.

That's a big loss for the car community.

Soi, I thought, why not find the best features from all the tools and networks around and just build a webproject especially made for car and bike enthusiasts.

My first approach to do so was autofreax v1. v1 wasn't actually called autofreax, instead it was a framework to have dedicated websites for a desired car modell. While this approach was good to just mimic the board functionality - it actually was no real network, even when the different forks shared the same codebase.

v2 was called which is still online and just have LOADS of functions. But that's actually a problem, because to be honest, is quite complicated and this is very bad for new users, they will just not find a start.

now it is time for v3. v3 will be called (because it will be about motorbikes too, and who knows what's also). So motorfreax will be another approach:

Nowadays more and more people are using facebook and also facebooks tools to support their interessts. Like cars. There are groups and such things.
But with facebook you also get the annoying things. Game Request and all that useless stuff. And the big drawback is, facebook was just not built for car enthusiasts.

So, now there is (still in ALPHA!) which will work like Facebook. You have a timeline, you have friends, you can subscribe to channels.

If you are interested in participate for the ALPHA of, feel free, to register an account there, it is free, and the system will be deleted prior to final release.

The system will be multi language and is currently available in english and german (just use the right link).

Register english:

Register german:

Looking forward for any feedback!

PS: I will setup a dedicated developer project on my website for motofreax, where I will be able to inform about new functions, releases and such things.
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