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2013-11-07 19:47
Keyboard: Mechanical VS Scissor Switch
You want a precise Keyboard? The new hype of MX Switches is just a hype. We already had Scissor Switches for years and they do not only feel more precise and are more silent, they actually are profable more precise as you can see in this video.

When typing you are not hitting every key absolutely vertically and because of this a mechanical keyboard always will feel less precise than a good Scissor Switch Keyboard will.

In the above video you can see how stable the keys are in concerns of sideway motion, which is crucial to give a precise feeling during fast typing.

First part is a Logitech G710+, MX Brown, brand new, just out of the box

Second part is from an over 5 yrs old Lenovo Thinkpad W500.

You can clearly see the difference in stability of a single key. If you type on both of those keyboards you will recognize immediatly, that the mechanical Logitech feels not that stable like a scissor switch does.

I have different other scissor switch keyboards and I still prefer the scissor switches. I think, the general hype about mechanical keyboards comes ONLY from people who had just a simple rubberdome before and never used to work on a good scissor switch keyboard.

The Scissor Switch Keyboard is prior in durability, loudness, stability and price.

This is the G710+ in total darkness

..and this is a loudness comparison between the G710+ and the Rubberdome Keyboard K310

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2014-02-03 12:33
bantal silikon
this good POST
I like this.

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