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Dig down to find the ultimate Diamond - upgrade your robot to dig deeper.

Robo Miner is the ultimate digging experience!

Control your own Mining Robot with the highest grade of digging capabilities to find the Ultimate Diamonds at the bottom of the mines.

Neverending digging fun

There is always a deeper mine...

With every found Ultimate Diamond your robot proceed to an even deeper mine.
You have to upgrade your robot to be able to survive down there.

Robo Miner Desura Digital Distribution you hear that noise?

Dangerous, even for a robot!

Falling Rocks makes it hard to get some ore but your robot have to survive.

Use dynamite to blow your way through rock and built deep shafts to travel fast back to the light.

You start at a very small mine where you can make your first experiences and find your first money and of course the first Ultimate Diamond.

Soon you will proceed to the next mine - each mine is deeper than the mine before and so you will find different types of ore, which you can mine. At some point you will also find many types of gems of even more value.

Spend your findings at your UFO to buy upgrades for your little robot to make mining life easier for you.

Watch out the falling rocks, don't get lost deep down the mine or you have to abondon your little robot.

You will need some kind of thinking where to dig so you can always come back to light.

Your robot will sooner or later run out of energy and needs to visit the UFO for a recharge of battery, ladders and support pillars.

need some sleep?

Highly addictive!

This game is very addicting - you just can't stop playing.

If you have a Keyboard Dock - you can play this game with your keyboard! Use the Arrow Keys to navigate and the Space Bar to set a support pillar.

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Used Permissions are needed because of the advertisements in the game - we waive the GPS Permission to give you the best user experience possible - thus that means you will net get the most interesting ads for your current location.

Game reviews:
TechCookies: "Dig Deeper with your robot" "Watch out, addictive!" "zosta? górnikiem!"
xda-developers: "Discover the Treasures"

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