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2012-11-28 12:47
Some news about Rocks in Space
I know, that many people are watching this project over the last year, where there was no change in state.

I just want to let you know, that behind the scenes there IS work done for this game - but not in a stage where I want to raise to much expectations because the release will still need some time.

When time is right, I will post all the new progress, which in fact is an all new graphics engine to push the graphics to a more sophiticated level ad also to be able to render even more units.

I personally like the new look very much, we have real time shadows, glowing laser beams, different weapons and such things, some technical tweaks also in building mode, the UI will be improved and all that funky things.

Next year, there will be a first prototype made which will be used to do some marketing and also to try to raise some funds and get some more attention to the game itself.

Reason is, that I really want to get more input from actuall players, how they want the game to be and such things so it really will be a good game to enjoy and motivate over a long period of time.

Also the working title will change and also the logo and other image stuff will change for that game.

So stay tuned about the game, susbscribe to the rss feed, or join my twitter account to get informed about any progress ;-)

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