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2011-12-17 12:20
Shape Masher Special Price
We just lowered the current price for the full version of Shape Masher No only 1 €! Get it at Android Market now! [...]

2011-12-14 14:41
Shape Masher released on Android Market
It's out! Get it now at Android Market. There is a DEMO available, too! [...]

2011-12-14 12:31
just a few hours..
We will release the first version of Shape Masher today! At the moment we know, that there can happen some perspective stretching on various screen resolutions and we are still think about the best [...]

2011-12-12 22:58
Coming Soon - Shape Masher for Android
We just arrived at alpha with our new game "Shape Masher". Easy to play, but very addictive - you'll have dozens of fun. We really like our graphic set and it looks even better on your android d [...]

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