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2012-06-10 00:53
You can now play Sholik in your Browser also
This is some sort special. Sholik is the first of my games which you can now play online in your web browser! Just click "Play It Online" on the left side of this post. You will have to have [...]

2012-06-06 14:10
Update v1.0.3
Sholik got an update! You can now save and compare your highscores online! Also we did some minor graphical improvements. Have Fun! [...]

2012-03-10 14:16
How to play Sholik
There is no ingame description of the gameplay yet and also there is still no video (sorry for that) - so it will be best to give another brief overview of the concept of Sholik! If you get it righ [...]

2012-03-10 14:07
Sholik - Fast Paced Puzzle Fun!
Our new game sholik is just released! The first user reviews were quite good and if you like games like Milpa on iPhone you will be very happy that we now have released a game based on this great c [...]

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