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2012-03-10 14:16
How to play Sholik
There is no ingame description of the gameplay yet and also there is still no video (sorry for that) - so it will be best to give another brief overview of the concept of Sholik!

If you get it right, you will be familiar with the gameplay very fast, so here is how it works:

If you slide your finger from left to the right you will see a bar forming which links the elements together.

Now, if you release your finger, this linked elements will be rotated as ONE unit around their center by 180 degrees.

You have to rotate different sized "linked elements" so there are 3 or more elements in a row.

As soon as you have 3 or more in a row the Elements will explode and removed from the playfield.

You have to repeat this process until all (possible) elements are removed.

Each Stage has more Elements but each stage only gives you 40 seconds more to resolve it.

Also, if you match more than 3 elements you will get 1 second more for each element removed in this row.

When the time runs out the game is over and maybe your points goes up the highscore list.

If you don't want to drag and get more confident with the controls, you can also just tap at the latest element and so you will be able to play it very fast.
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